I work at a frozen yogurt shop here in Durango, Co. It has been around 80 degrees (Fahrenheit) pretty much all day, which causes a lot of people wanting frozen yummy treats. Which is typically great for the business and for whomever is working. I had a great time working, and enjoyed all of my customers!

There was a group of girls around Junior High/Middle School that sat down to eat their yogurts. I would occasionally glance over and (not meaning to) overhear their conversation. Some of the topics they talked about, one could just roll their eyes or chuckle at. (We all remember our Junior/Middle school years.) However, I overheard something that made my heart just drop.

Their conversation was pointed towards some poor boy who would I guess would try and flirt with the girls. One girl stated word for word…
If he touches you just yell rape…I did that in PE during basketball..(proceeded to explain the event of basketball while laughing and eating froyo.) ” …a few girls chuckled along with the story.

What that girl said is very wrong. The only time one should yell/scream out rape is when it is about to or is happening. For young women like this to be joking about such a serious topic, is very disappointing. I do not think their parents taught them to say that, and I hope they would be just as disappointed in hearing this as I was. If I was to rant about this it would be pages upon pages long, and I have homework I am procrastinating and no one wants to read that either…because (hopefully) they would know why I would be disappointed.

I cannot even put into words how important it is to teach our youth what is acceptable to joke about and what is not. Also to teach them when to say these things and when not to.

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